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Elise Estelle

Pisces Ring

Pisces Ring

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Imagine you dive into the sea, you are surrounded by pools of fish and your feet hover over a bed of coral, you look above and see the shining glass reflecting the sun's rays. The Pisces Ring is a liquid dream, les rêves de la mer, you become so entangled in the beauty of this sea life you forget you belong on the lands above, the colors absorb you, is it possible to be part human, part creature of the sea? 

a sparkling blue topaz is set into a hand-carved ring with organic texture and shapes inspired by the underwater world of sea coral, stalagmites and sea creatures alike. Nuzzled next to the stone is a discreet signature pearl maintaining the mysterious nature of life under the sea. 

Named The Pisces to remind you to never stop dreaming. 

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