Elise Estelle is the founder, designer, and metalsmith behind Elise Estelle. Her designs are memories and stories alchemized into solid gold and sterling silver jewelry. Elise's art is an ongoing unravelling and discovery of her own identity and will inspire you to do the same.

All pieces are handcrafted using ethically sourced precious gemstones and metals from wherever she may be in the world. A French-American native, Elise is a traveler and a voyager and often draws on the unexpected moments in transition that spark her soul.

Elise is inspired by art and fashion and finds inspiration in telling stories of the memories of her youth and sharing her journey of the woman she is becoming; an interaction of nostalgia and desire lend to designs that are poetic and ornamental. A museum of artifacts from her inner world, Elise Estelle jewelry is a remembrance of her younger self and a promise to the woman she is becoming.