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Elise Estelle

Soleil Pendant with Silk Chord

Soleil Pendant with Silk Chord

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The Soleil Collar is a hand carved talisman reflecting the protection and healing powers of the sun. Throughout history, the sun has been regarded as a symbol of both creator and destroyer of life, a most powerful force that has so adamantly shaped our experiences as human beings. The sun is boiling mass of plasma at the center of the universe, with an energy that affects everything from our sleep, to the physiology of all living beings to energy. In ancient Egypt, the sun god, Re, has been regarded as the supreme God or Deity, reigning above all others. 

The Soleil Charm is hand sculpted in wax and cast in sterling silver using an ancient technique called Lost Wax Casting. select your choice in color(s) of hand dyed and hand sewn silk cord

Color options are as follows: 

Midnight: for the energy of the midnight sky, with the absence of light, a time for seeds to be planted 

Golden Hour: a remembrance of the golden hours witnessing the setting of the sun, the completion of another day 

Sunrise: A new chance, a new day, a sunrise is a symbol of hope and all things eternal 

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